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From: Elsom Eldridge, Jr.
RE:      You, the Obvious Expert!

Dear Friend:

Let me ask you, have you ever felt frustrated and under appreciated?...are you not earning as much as you're really worth as a consultant or entrepreneur?... maybe not even enough to comfortably provide for you and your family?

I've got good news for you, all that can change for you very quickly.

Hi, my name is Elsom Eldridge, Jr., you've probably heard of me.

For the past thirty years I've been working as a business consultant, not from an "ivory tower perspective" mind you, but in the real world trenches where you're on the line every day to convince prospects to do business with you, and produce real results for your customers and clients.

During those years, I've learned from my own experience, from the experience of other experts, and I've taken my share of lumps and learned the hard way too.

"I wrote The Obvious Expert to help you
avoid making these same mistakes..."

There are some simple solutions I've discovered to the mistakes that well-intentioned business people make every day. Mistakes that cost you time, clients, and income. And I'm here to help you bypass those bumps and pitfalls I ran into along the way.

"Elsom Eldridge writes with authority and interviews those who have the expertise in their fields. The Obvious Expert is a book that lives up to its billing. One hundred experts give USEFUL and SPECIFIC advice on building a powerhouse of a consulting or coaching practice. All the success stories are here with HOW TO in step-by-step format. I love it. This is a resource to be closely will give you an edge over your competition."

-- Kevin Hogan
    Author of  "The Science of Influence",
    and ten other top-selling books

The Obvious Expert is 250+ pages of the 'best of the best' advice from myself, my son Mark L. Eldridge, and 150 other names you already know and respect. People like: Doug Hall, Dan Poynter, Joe Vitale, Jay Conrad Levinson, Dottie Walters, Kevin Hogan, Mark Hendricks, Tom Lambert, Richard Gerson, and Patti Wood, just to highlight a few.

Just take a look at the huge list of over 100 experts that contributed to the book:

And unlike so many other books of its kind, The Obvious Expert doesn't preach or philosophize, no not at all.

It reveals exactly how to:

  • generate huge returns from your network of influence

  • diversify your marketing efforts to create new income sources

  • create profitable new revenue-producing niches

It shows you:

  • the fastest and surest ways to make your expertise known to your
    clients and potential clients

  • dozens of quick and ingenious methods for creating a powerful business image, without spending a fortune on advertising

"Over the last 15 years, I've 'stumbled' my way through consulting, finding some of the techniques Elsom suggests by accident. Never before have I found-until this book--a complete guide to building, growing and maintaining a successful consulting business all in one place.

In How to Position Yourself As the Obvious Expert: Turbocharge Your Consulting or Coaching Business Now!, Elsom (with tens of other experts from various industries) gives you a step-by-step plan to becoming a known expert in your field. The methods translate to any field, not just consulting - with specific examples of the techniques in practice from experts in extremely diverse fields.

What I like most about this book is the way it breaks each large 'step' into smaller, immediately actionable tasks that you can start using today. With each task, there are specific examples from industry experts on exactly how they used the technique in their own field. At the end of each chapter are exercises to get you started, and additional print and online resources.

One final note: this book, unlike any other book I've found on similar subject matter, is extremely easy and fun to read. Two thumbs up!"

-- Nick Temple
Louisville, Kentucky

You Can Position Yourself As
The Obvious Expert
Turbocharge Your

The Obvious Expert is written for every person whose job calls for him or her to interact with others in any way.

Business and marketing consultants and coaches will benefit tremendously from this book. So will business owners, executives, attorneys, hairdressers, accountants, sales clerks, and clergymen too.

And because this book was put together by a diverse team that included myself, my son Mark, and 150 masterminds, the principles it covers are as appropriate for the rookie as they are for the seasoned pro, no matter what market sector you specialize in.

Each of the book's twelve chapters not only gives you a strategy, an implementation plan, and a worksheet to help you expand your learning... it is also packed with the personalized power tips of The Obvious Expert Advisory Team, many of whom have authored numerous books themselves.



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"I have benefited from learning from Elsom Eldridge for over 4 years now. This book is a compilation of his experience from many years of consulting plus many, many individuals that Elsom managed somehow to include in this book. I've heard Elsom speak this material, I've used his techniques to my success and I've seen others benefit directly when they follow the advice in this book."

-- Matt Biskup

Loaded with live links and email addresses, The Obvious Expert gives you access to all 150 experts - it's like having a mentoring team all your own.

You'll learn how to grow your business, build your name, and become recognized in your field as an obvious expert. Most importantly, there's nothing heavy-handed about the approaches you'll learn.

Nobody wants to feel like you are tricking or manipulating people in order to achieve success. Nobody wants to feel like a "people-user".

The tips and techniques you'll find in this book are simple, solid and powerful. In fact, so powerful that the International Guild of Professional Consultants teach these principles from The Obvious Expert in their highly respected consulting and marketing certification programs.

What Will You Learn From The Obvious Expert?

  • How to define yourself as The Obvious Expert in your field

  • Simple, do-able approaches for defining your Unique Selling Proposition

  • Basic and absolutely essential skills and techniques you must master in order to hit HIGH income levels

  • Critically important self-marketing trends that can 'make' or 'break' your business

  • How to write and publish a book defining you as the obvious expert (By the way, it can be easier than you think!)

  • How to profit from niche marketing

  • How to make the most of the lecture market - painlessly

  • How seminars and educational marketing techniques can quickly and profitably help you gain status as a recognized expert

  • Insider tricks for writing and distributing newsletters and ezines

  • Ingenious ways to create publicity for yourself - so potential clients will be seeking you

  • How to write press releases and give interviews that make you look like a media pro

  • How to build a content-rich website that draws traffic and builds business

  • Gaining and using association memberships and industry certifications to enhance your business image and create concrete returns

  • How the magic of giving back to others will boost your bottom line in unexpected ways

  • All of this and so much more-dozens of BIG tips and hundreds of valuable little tips that will turn you into an obvious expert

"The Obvious Expert lays out an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that people can use to position themselves as an expert authority on a topic or in a niche market very easily and quickly. I especially like the short supporting stories from over a hundred experts in a variety of fields that lend insight and inspiration into how they used these principles to their benefit in their careers. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, sales people, and management alike. Simply brilliant!"

-- Mark Hendricks
    Author and Business Coach

The Obvious Expert was a #1 best-selling business book on in 2004.
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An ebook is an electronic book that you receive immediately after purchasing. You can read an ebook on your computer or print the book using your personal printer. The Obvious Expert ebook includes all the text and charts that are available in the paperback version, PLUS live links to hundreds of valuable websites.

This 269-page ebook can be downloaded instantly to your computer when you click the link above and purchase it using your credit card on our SECURE online payment processor, which uses 128-bit encryption technology. No one will have access to your personal information.

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"The Obvious Expert is THE BEST BOOK I read this year! It is a must-read (and re-read as a reference guide) for all professionals in business. The investment in this book has paid me back many times over. Elsom Eldridge and his son Mark (along with over 100 contributors) have created an engagingly written masterpiece of a book that is practical, well thought out, and filled with easy to do ideas. In virtually every profession, people must be skilled at selling themselves and their ideas, not just their company's service or products. The Obvious Expert is packed with strategies, tips, and tactics, making this book priceless and valuable for selling yourself and your ideas. So far I have bought over 25 copies to give to my colleagues and friends. They have all agreed...this book is a winner!"

-- Frank J. Candy
    Author, professional speaker, and consultant
    Founder and President
    American Speakers Bureau Corporation(r)


All of this in a single book
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If you're still not sure this book will help you, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Would you like clients and prospects to call you instead of you calling them?

  • Would you like to be recognized as an expert, so that people know who you are before you meet them?

  • Would you like to do business on your own terms and earn what you are really worth?

If you answered "yes" to just one of these questions, you're someone who wants more out of your business efforts and more out of your life. You'd benefit tremendously from reading The Obvious Expert.

Give yourself (and your business) an incredible boost and buy this book today.

Warm regards,

Elsom Eldridge, Jr.
Best-Selling Author
Business Consultant

P.S. I truly appreciate your interest in this book. As my way of saying, "thank you," when you purchase The Obvious Expert , I will send you, absolutely free, one month's access to The Obvious Expert Teleseminars Series.

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"In his excellent, wonderful, down-to-earth, and absolutely brilliant book, "How to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert," Elsom Eldridge clearly shows why he's affectionately known as the "Consultant's Consultant."

His easy to follow and implement strategies, tips, and proven methods will truly help you quickly become known as the "Go-To Guy" (or Gal) in your field.

Elsom takes you through a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers plan anyone can follow. He teaches you exactly how to leverage what you have now, take some simple and doable steps, and quickly establish yourself as the obvious expert in your field.

And it works. You'd have to be dead broke or crazy not to invest a smart twenty-five bucks in yourself and get this book as fast as you can. What if one of your competitors already has his or her copy?

Well ... you're in serious trouble - that's what ...

Get your copy *right now* while you still can.

-- Chip Tarver
    Internet Business Expert